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Ginger Essential Oil

Welcome to our first Aromasentence in 2019!
We hope that you all enjoyed your well-deserved Christmas break and are looking forward to the new year.
We definitely do.
We have a great dream to work forward to.

We are going to talk about one single oil.

Get acquainted and become friends with Ginger essential oil.
The oil is the newest popular oil for using in your bath.

But first, what do we need to know about ginger essential oil?

Ginger, Zingiber officinalis, just like most other spices, is a native of Asia, namely India and China.
It came to the West via ‘Spice Route’ in the Middle Ages.
The essential oil is extracted from the root by steam distillation.
It is pale, slowly becoming yellow with age.
The smell is almost identical to fresh root ginger.

In traditional Chinese medicine Ginger is used in any condition where the body is not coping effectively with moisture (within or without).
Diarrhoea is an example of inability to deal with internal moisture.
Many of the winter ailments are provoked by external dampness.

The fiery properties of Ginger are used to fight both conditions.
According to aromatherapy, rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pain and fatigue can be eased by massage or in a bath using Ginger essential oil.

You may simply add a single drop of Ginger essential oil to a spoon of carrier oil and massage the affected areas or add to the bath water (5 drops in a spoon of sweet almond).

Ginger oil is widely used as warming oil;
  • it increases local blood flow
  • relaxes tight muscles
  • relieves pain - chronic arthritis/rheumatism
  • supports immune system
  • uplifts mood
  • helps relieve fatigue
  • energises
  • improves digestion
  • increases appetite
  • improves mental clarity and memory
Ginger essential oil, in small proportions, blends well with many others, especially citrus oils.
It works best diluted to 1% as higher concentration will irritate the skin.
Do not use during pregnancy.
For more information, please look at our website here.

Lena’s tip

January is the middle of summer here in New Zealand and the time when we are much more active, doing all kinds of sports and activities.

Warming up before any activity will help to not over-stretch or strain your body.

Ginger essential oil is warming and perfect for a massage before your exercise session. Use one drop in a spoon of carrier oil such as sweet almond and massage your legs, arms, shoulders, and lower back at least 15 minutes before.

To relax tight muscles add ginger essential oil to your bath water, but before dilute it to 1%, as higher concentration will irritate the skin, in a carrier such as sweet almond or grape seed oil.

If you travel and need to recover, consider our synergistic blend Revitalise, which contains ginger essential oil, a regenerating and energising synergy great as a jet lag remedy.

Stay rested and happy!

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