Healing Creams

Healing creamsSkin is a vital organ of our body which provides protection, regulates our body temperature as well as receptor of information about the environment by means of nerve endings.But…

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Essential Oils for Menopause

Essential Oils for Menopause Menopause Definition The word menopause means the end of cyclical menstrual bleeding and occurs on average at 50 years of age. There is a slow decrease…

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Aromatherapy and influenza viruses

Aromatherapy and influenza viruses These days when everyone is concerned with the coronavirus, we would like to explain how essential oils can potentially minimise the risk of getting it. What…

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Recipes for home and well-being

Recipes for home and well beingImmune supporting diffuser blend1 drop of Cinnamon bark5 drops of Eucalyptus4 drops of Tea TreeUse in your favourite diffuser (burner)Antiseptic blend for diffuser to keep…

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Valentine day gift ideas

These Valentine day gift ideas are lovingly hand made from premium quality botanical ingredients to ensure your loved ones’ good health.

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Essential oils for fever relief

Essential oils for fever relief Fever is associated with viral and bacterial infections. It is essential to have an accurate diagnosis especially in the very young and elderly, pregnant women…

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Essential oils for muscle pain

Essential oils for muscle painEssential oils can offer relieve on different planes: mind calming, heart uplifting, pain soothing.Staying relaxed is important when you are in pain.If you can relax, it…

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