Body Oils

Body oils for all

Our massage, bath and body oils are made with pure essential oils and cold pressed carrier oils so are very therapeutic and beneficial. Use them as a body oil after bathing or showering or pour into the bath for a beautifully scented soak! Plus they  also make lovely gifts.

Caress ~ a soothing and gentle body oil for massaging children and babies

Cellulite & Detox ~ One of the great body oils that helps eliminate toxins and water retention in the tissue.

Energizer ~ A body oil that helps when feeling fatigued and assists in revitalizing the mind and body

Exotic ~ a luxurious body oil with some of nature’s most precious and traditionally aphrodisiac aromas

Muscular Relief ~ warming and soothing body oil, helping to eliminate aching muscles, joint and arthritic pain

Pregnancy ~ This is one of the body oils that helps with stretch marks and with the elasticity of the skin, encouraging cell growth

Relaxing ~ body oil helps to restore, soothe and rebalance the mind and body

Sensuality ~ a lovely feminine body oil which can help with premenstrual tension and menopausal problems

Stress Release ~ use this body oil when feeling overburdened with stress and exhaustion

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