Amazing Relief


I found this muscular relief oil blend while travelling in New Zealand. Several days of walking countess miles exploring the beauty of New Zealand were accompanied by overall body fatigue and pain, most notable in my lower back and feet. A couple drops on my feet and wrists was all it took to experience relief within an hour and overnight the pain that had been building each day was gone. My mother is 76 and she experienced the same relief after using this blend. When I returned home, two of my friends tried the oil and experienced relief from shoulder pain and restless legs. The friend with restless leg syndrome has been searching for many years for a solution that would bring her relief, now she has it! I cannot speak highly enough of this blend. It will be a staple in my medicine cabinet and my travel bag, and I will continue to share it with friends and family in need. Thank you, Elena Romanova for selling this product in the market in Wellington!

Muscular relief essential oil blend