Hayat Abadeeah – Upper Hutt

It was absolutely amazing to find the parcel in my box just now and then seeing your email, as I did not expect it so soon – always exciting when something arrives quickly. And the packaging was just superb and so strong it might even have survived a brick falling on it – well, maybe not, but very secure, nevertheless.

Tried the oil and I am very pleased with the acceptability of the perfume, as I recently got some from another supplier and it was rather horrid, in my view, and I can’t use it. Your one has a certain delicacy and sharpness at the same time and a very pleasant perfume as well. If I could afford it I would get the essential oil, but good sandalwood is very expensive and I hear it’s less stable than the synthetic one. I am using it mainly just for myself as I love beautiful perfumes. Definitely if I need any more oils or products I will get them from you and will recommend you to others.