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We are Marco and Elena a husband and wife team.

About us

We are inspired by nature: what is good for nature is good for us. We enjoy being surrounded by beautiful aromas of essential oils of Rose, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Neroli and Patchouli.

Our interest lies in creating beautiful products with essential oils that are a beautiful contribution to your daily life; and in being able to enjoy small pleasures along the way.

We are inspired by simplicity and complexity of oils and what they are capable of.

We are inspired by effortless beauty. Beauty and wellbeing are inextricably linked. Beauty is about being healthy; having a balanced mind and body.

If your cells are healthy they can regenerate and stay healthy longer, leading to radiant skin and energy that can’t be hidden – the kind of glow that people comment on.

We believe that every one of you is a unique individual. We invite you to enjoy the beauty of oils with us.

Our philosophy

We choose purity, natural simplicity, and beauty. For our products we source and use therapeutic grade essential oils.

We hand-craft body oils, essential oil blends, and skin care products in small batches to guarantee shelf life.

Our products are an alternative to conventional skincare products and may help many ailment.

We appeal to a discerning customer who cares about their well-being and environment.

Therefore we offer you our natural products loaded with the ‘life force’ of pure essential and plant oils.

Look at What is Aromatherapy and discover what you like.

Anatomy & Physiology Certificate
Certified Aromatherapist

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