Frequently Asked Questions Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Are essential oils dangerous?

Are essential oils dangerous?

Rather than talking about danger, we need to concern about safety of essential oils. There are a few factors to be considered to ensure the safe use of essential oils. They are:

Quality of essential oils

Chemical composition of essential oils

Identifying essential oils hazards

All of our essential oils indicate any safety concerns on the website

Are essential oils dangerous?

Are your oils therapeutic grade?

Are your oils therapeutic grade?

Yes, all our essential oils are of therapeutic grade:

Correctly identified (Latin name and chemical constituents)


Safe for use (less is more)

Have proven efficacy

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Are your oils therapeutic grade?

Do you make customised blends?

Do you make customised blends?

Yes, we do. Our synergistic blend for relaxation such as Sweet Dreams was composed for customers having problems to unwind; our body oil Hygge was formulated for our customers with severe eczema condition, our inhaler Hay fever was the result of many enquiries about allergies treatments. We also do have designed various facial treatments.

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Do you make customised blends?

Essential oil safety

Most essential oils are non-toxic and are safe to use at home when handled sensibly: in small quantities and low dilutions.

Some essential oils are highly toxic, even in small amounts and there are essential oils which may give toxicity if used over a long period of time.

There is a group of people who are vulnerable to possible damage from the use of essential oils. They are babies, pregnant women, young children, and people with a compromised immunity.

Some essential oils can present certain risks and they are easy to get hold of. Poisoning can happen by swallowing essential oils. Or. Dermal sensitivity can happen when a substance is absorbed through the skin.

Therefore, essential oils should be kept in bottles with droppers to avoid the danger of consuming the oil by small children.

Some people consume, say, 5 drops per day of essential oils to keep infection at bay and to make them feel good. Other people use pure essential oils topically for the same reason. Both habits may result in deterioration of liver the same way it happens with people consuming too much alcohol.

It is very likely that any essential oil, ingested in sufficient quantities, may cause serious problems.

The potential hazard of essential-oil use is limited and easy to keep in mind. These hazards should be seen as moderate dangers, that can easily be avoided. Any person who loves essential oils does not need to worry about a surprise occurrence of toxic materials in this or other essential oil – as long as the oils are genuine and authentic.

When we speak about toxicity or poisoning, we refer to taking essential oils by mouth. This is the most dangerous method of use according to the majority of responsible aromatherapists. However, essential oils are very effectively absorbed into the body, whether by inhalation or topical application, they find their way into the blood stream. It is the fact of aromatherapy effectiveness. Use essential oils responsibly and with respect to support your well-being and prevent ailments.

We do not endorse taking essential oils internally as it can cause serious issues and the effectiveness of the oils is way less than when used topically.

With all our essential oils on the website there are safety guidelines

How do essential oils work?

How do essential oils work? The essential oils are distributed to the tissue in accordance with the extent of blood flow, the ease of passage across cell membranes and the extent of binding to plasma and tissue proteins. The body tissue most perfused by blood will also be the tissue most exposed to the action of the essential oils, whilst the tissue with little active circulation will have less chance to respond to treatment. You can find essential oil blends here

How do essential oils work

How do I use essential oils?

As essential oils are obtained from natural raw material, they convey a whole and complex set of information from the plant. Also, distillation of essential oils is one of the oldest skills of humanity (3000BC), they were called the quintessence of the plant and they are still with us, as potent as ever. Essential oils can be used medicinally but conventional way of application of medicines (orally) might be not the best way. Due to their physical properties, essential oils can be administered more than one way. However, excessive dosages need to be avoided.

Essential oils are made up of very small lipophilic and volatile molecules. This gives them much greater mobility into and within the body, especially skin. They are aromatic, that is why they can influence behaviour. As essential oils are different in their physical properties from conventional drugs, the best way to utilise their properties will be topical application and inhalation.

Blended oils create the most enjoyable and effective products. They are tremendously versatile and can be used for massage, skin, and hair care, and as deodorants. We can indulge into the pleasures of relaxation in bath, foot bath, and sauna. We do enjoy a naturally fragrant home with scented candles, closets, drawers, laundry, and carpets.

For topical application essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil and used as an ointment or massage oil. Organic quality helps to avoid unwanted skin reactions. A 1-2 percent dilution of essential oil in a carrier oil is the standard suggestion for skincare and massage oils. Pure essential oils are used for inhalation and in diffusers. We suggest you add a few drops to your diffuser or a drop or two to your clothes, aromatherapy necklaces or bracelets. You can always ask a certified aromatherapist for a custom-made blend.

What are carrier oils?

Carrier oils or vegetable oils are lipids and are largely composed of fatty acids. Pure carrier oils are cold-pressed vegetable, nut or seed oils. They are readily absorbed by the skin, nourish and heal it. Carrier oils help essential oils to penetrate the skin, particularly in therapeutic massage or in bath. They should be kept in a cool, dark place, tightly closed to avoid oxidation. The following carrier oils are used for blending with essential oils: Apricot, Argan, Avocado, Evening Primrose, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Macadamia, Rosehip, Sweet Almond, and Wheat germ. You can find carrier oils here

What are carrier oils?

What are essential oils?

What are essential oils? Plant essences are true life essences, elaborated by the secretory cells of the plants that tapped the photo-electro-magnetic energy of the sun and have converted it with the intervention of enzymes, into biochemical energy under the form of highly diversified aromatic molecules. Drs. Franchomme and Peneol

Essential oils give the plant its aroma and have a significant physiological effect on people.

Essential oils are extracted from the flowers, leaves, fruits, stems, roots and other parts of the plants by distillation, expression and extraction.

You can find our essential oils here

What are synergy blends?

What are synergy blends? Synergy blend is a combination of essential oils to tend a definite condition. Blending is an art. Creating a synergy requires a deep understanding of essential oils, a fair amount of experience and a lot of intuition. To create a synergy you need to take into account the holistic approach: the symptoms to treat, the causes of the disorder, the biological and emotional factors involved. Besides, knowledge of the chemical components is quite beneficial in creating a blend.

You can find our synergy blends here

What are synergy blends

What is a GC/MS report?

What is a GC/MS report? Quality control and assurance of essential oils is provided by GC/MS report. The gas- liquid chromatography (GC) is used to determine the percentage of the constituents making up the essential oil. Mass spectrometry (MS) determines the molecular mass of each molecule, thus identifying each constituent of the essential oil. The technique is used to analyse the essential oil quality.

What is a GC/MS report?

Where to buy essential oils?

Essential oils are getting more and more popular, as more and more people realise that there are other ways of staying well besides the conventional way.

With this popularity there are also more places that will try to sell you essential oils but you need to be careful that you don’t spend your money on low-quality oils with adulterations or contaminations.

Everyone likes nice aromas and use scented products on their skin and in their households. We experience pleasant sensations connecting us to our memories while inhaling definite scents. It is very relaxing to go to bed scented with lavender or patchouli. It is healing to take a bath at the end of the day infused with essential oils. It is lovely to feel like being taken care after by nature!

At AromaSense we engage with distillers and growers about their oils and make sure we get the best and highest possible quality and bring them here to New Zealand so that you can experience aromatherapy with the highest quality of oils; find out what oils can do to support your body and mind well-being.

Lena is a certified aromatherapist and always thrilled to help out.

We are right here in Wellington. You can order online and come and pick it up or we send it overnight to your place.

If you are not sure about what oil you need, give Lena a call on 0800-4AROMA (0800-4276662) or send an email to

Why AromaSense

At AromaSense we live and breathe essential oils. We use them for our well-being, healthy environment, and resilient youthful looking skin.

We source our essential and carrier oils from small distilleries with sustainable practices. The oils we use in our products are pure, clean and hand crafted rather than produced in factories. Only pure and authentic oils contain the qualities we need to use in our products to be effective.

Therefore, you can find essential oils’ components on our website. Those components are vital in creation of the formulas for therapeutic products.

If you are looking for 100% pure essential oils of therapeutic grade, unrefined carrier oils and therapeutic blends formulated according to the rules of aromatherapy, AromaSense is the right place for you.

Finally, we offer bespoke blends for personal use as well as signature blend for businesses. Give us a call at 0800-4AROMA (0800-427662) or contacts us here