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If you have a personal request for skincare or you would like a essential oil blend made personally for you, you can contact us by filling out the form here or call us toll free on 0800427662 (0800-4AROMA)

  • Apothecary Elixirs: Choose Your Vintage Perfume Potion

    Apothecary Elixirs: Choose Your Vintage Perfume Potion

    Unveil the secrets of the past with our collection of exquisite, refillable vintage perfume bottles. Each bottle awaits your choice of our captivating, all-natural perfume blends.
  • Carrier Oils

    Carrier Oils

    AromaSense Carrier Oils A popular range of lovely carrier oils for a massage, a bath or as a body oil. Carrier oils can be derived from fruit, vegetables, nuts or seeds. Carrier oils carry nutrients and the healing properties of essential oils into the skin and into the bloodstream where they can do their work. Interchangeably carrier oils are also…
  • Essential Oil Blends

    Essential Oil Blends

    AromaSense Essential Oil Blends Essential oil blends also known as synergy blends of essential oils simply means blending certain essential oils together. Essential oils counteract viral diseases gently by inhibiting pathogens and by improving the immune response. They strengthen the body and improve the emotional well-being, advance the healing of the immune-psychological aspects. You can purchase our hand-crafted synergy essential…
  • Essential oil perfumes

    Essential oil perfumes

    AromaSense All Natural Essential Oil Perfumes Beautiful essential oil perfumes that will make you feel good and smell amazing. Our essential oil perfume range is all natural without any nasty chemicals.
  • Essential Oil Starter Kits

    Essential Oil Starter Kits

    AromaSense Aromatherapy Starter Kits Aromatherapy is often defined as the use of essential oils for physiological and physical well being. At AromaSense we recognize how complex this practice actually is. Our essential oil starter kits collection is an excellent way to sample some of the most popular essential oils, and a great way to see a few of the many…
  • Essential Oils

    Essential Oils

    AromaSense Pure Essential Oils Pure essential oils are natural plant extracts obtained from flowers, leaves, seeds, bark or resins. Each essential oil has its own unique healing properties.
  • Essential Oils Accessories

    Essential Oils Accessories

    AromaSense Essential Oil Accessories Whether you are looking for an oil burner, essential oil storage box, candles or for an electric essential oil diffuser to enjoy aromatherapy to it's full glory, you will find it at our essential oils accessories. Our essential oils accessories are ever expanding if there is anything you can't find let us know and we will try to…
  • Gift Sets

    Gift Sets

    AromaSense Aromatherapy Gift Sets Amongst our aromatherapy gift sets you can find skin care gift sets or a essential oils set we even have gift cards you can use on any of our products.
  • Massage Oils

    Massage Oils

    AromaSense Massage Oils Special blends of essential oils that are hand blended with a combination of cold pressed carrier oils to create divine body oils for specific individual needs. From muscle aches to eczema we have massage oils to address many ailments. Search for products in the whole shop
  • Natural Skin Care

    Natural Skin Care

    AromaSense All Natural Skin Care Natural skin care products, containing organic essential & plant oils rich in nutrients and without nasty chemicals. Every preparation is hand blended in small batches to deliver effectively potent plants’ actives, containing omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants for optimal skin sustenance. Basic natural skin care for sophisticated individuals.
  • Room Sprays

    Room Sprays

    AromaSense all Natural Room Sprays Our refreshing room sprays can recreate the scents you enjoy and bring nature into your homes and offices to enhance your lives. Your favourite essential room spray comes in a half litre spray bottle.
  • Virtual Aromatherapy Consultation

    Virtual Aromatherapy Consultation

    Discover the benefits of a Virtual Aromatherapy Consultation with personalised advice on essential oils and its use in aromatherapy and what they can mean to you.