Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil Cedarwood essential oil Cedrus atlanticus Cedar was used by all the ancient civilisations in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery (cedarwood essential oil), and by the Egyptians in embalming.…

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How to keep a youthful skin

Hold on to youthful skin naturally Substances that are necessary for maintaining youthful skin according to dermatologists: Retinol (vitamin A) Glycolic acids (exfoliation) Hyaluronic acid and peptides (hydration) Antioxidants (prevent…

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Pregnancy friendly essential oils

Pregnancy friendly essential oils While pregnant we recommend sticking to a few very safe oils that don’t have any precautions. These are:  Lavender - improves sleep quality and alleviates perineum…

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Recipes with Rose Essential oil

Recipes with rose essential oil Rosa damascena essential oil is calming, mood uplifting, purifying and healing to the skin. It lessens pain, increases physical strength, reduces inflammation. Massage recipe with…

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What is hay fever

Spring is a beautiful season but it is a tough time for some of you as allergens are back in the air. Let us have a look at what is…

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Recipes with lavender essential oil

Recipes with Lavender essential oil Lavandula angustifolia essential oil is calming, purifying to the body, disinfectant, and healing to the skin. It reduces stress & tension, relaxes tight muscles, lessens…

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Restorative essential oils

Restorative essential oils Essential oils can assist in supporting our bodies’ wellbeing. Here are some safe recipes for you to practice at home. Boost circulation and prevent heart disease with…

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The Top 5 Essential Oils

If you are looking for an all-natural saviour for your well-being then the answer is aromatherapy and below you can find the top 5 essential oils we think you should…

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