The Top 5 Essential Oils

If you are looking for an all-natural saviour for your well-being then the answer is aromatherapy and below you can find the top 5 essential oils we think you should…

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Recipes with rosewood essential oil

Recipes with rosewood essential oil Aniba rosaeodora essential oil is calming, mood uplifting and skin moisturising. It relieves nervousness and stress, lessens pain, promotes restful sleep, promotes skin regeneration. Bath…

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Sense of Smell

Scents have incredible power and influence on our body and mind because of the way our brain processes olfactory data (sense of smell). Touch, taste, visual and auditory sensations travel…

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Natural diuretics

Fluid retention relief Essential oils natural diuretics. The body consists of approximately 60% water and an average body has around 40 litres of water to be distributed. When the body…

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Recipes with pine essential oil

Recipes with pine essential oil Pinus silvestris essential oil is mood uplifting, refreshing, energising, purifying. It lessens pain, helps relieve fatigue, increases physical strength, breaks up congestion, helps breathing, improves…

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