Sorry we no longer have our shop on Jackson street. You’re welcome to buy AromaSense products online though

While thinking about the year 2016 I realised that there is something that I would like to share.
Since we started the AromaSense shop, 185 Jackson Street, many things have changed. When you start something you obviously have a picture in your head. In reality this picture starts changing and evolving with days and weeks of interacting with people.

They come and tell you what they expect and how they see the whole thing. Then you listen and realise that it makes sense. Then you change.
AromaSense shop has become a beehive of people’s real emotions and place where people listen, talk and give each other a hug.

Many people tell me that this beautiful space predisposes to warm reactions. I know exactly what they mean. Essential oils and their beautiful aromas are responsible for that. This is the beauty of how oils can influence our state of mind in a positive way.
This year was a good year. I am thrilled that my beautiful facial cleansing cream became a hit. Two gorgeous women became new best friends over this product, one introduced it to the other and they both could not wait to the end of the day to use it again.

I am now sure that another AromaSense product such as replenishing cream for dry skin is a winner too. I also know more about what our dear customers need.

Together we are working on custom made blends that will eventually become winners too.

So come and join our squad of glowing skin lovers.

We love sharing good things with each other. And the last story for today.

A young girl with a big heart shared a story about her terminally ill grandfather.

How he still grooms himself every day even if it is the only thing he does that day and how she loves and supports him.

So she thought as a treat she would get him the For my Napoleon Oil which she thought would keep his spirits high. See how beautiful such a simplistic gesture can be?
Have a merry aromatic Christmas and a fantastic New Year everyone!

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