Rose water

is often found in most high end skin care products, facial mists and toners. It is a multitasking ingredient that helps in hydrating, cleansing, soothing, and refreshing the skin. Rose water can be used in keeping dry or oily skin smooth and supple.

It is because of these known facts that rose water or also known as rose hydrosol is considered a beauty secret among women across the world. The following are benefits of rose water:

Soothes sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin and looking for a beauty product that does not irritate your skin type, consider using rose hydrosol. This skin care product helps soothe red irritated sensitive skin.

This is because of its rich anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant properties. Rosewater can be used as a toner or a cleanser and still help in treating sensitive skin type. If you have sensitive skin, it is always a good idea to look for products that do not contain ingredients that irritate your skin.

Prevents acne

Rose water helps in reducing pimples and acne causing bacteria. It contains ingredients that help in removing oil from the skin surface and this prevents bacteria from attacking your face. It is because of this fact that rose water is used as a home remedy for acne and other skin problems.

Prevents sunburn

If you are planning to go on holiday especially in sunny beaches and tropical areas where the sun is very hot, consider carrying rose hydrosol with you. The scorching sun can cause sunburns and even damage the surface of your skin. Rose water does not only prevent sunburn but it also calms the skin when it is exposed to extreme sunny conditions. However, when using rose hydrosol, avoid spraying the rose water in bright sunlight as it might reduce the effectiveness of the sunscreen.

It helps in hydrating the skin

Rose water is essential when it comes to hydrating, revitalizing and moisturizing the skin.  When used appropriately, this beauty product has the capacity to repair damaged skin leaving it looking smooth, rejuvenated and refreshed. For great results it is advisable to use rose water twice a day that is in the morning when leaving the house and later in the day after a long day.

Repairs aging skin

Due to weather and natural elements, the skin tends to age as we grow older. Sometimes, ageing of the skin can also be caused by use of harsh or poor quality skin care products, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet.

All these factors force the skin to produce harmful free radicals that damage its composition leading to wrinkles and cracked skin. However, with the use of rose hydrosol, your skin will stay rejuvenated smooth and fresh. However, it is important to point out that rose water is not a substitute for anti-aging skin care products but when used together, they can deliver amazing results.

Mood enhancer

The great aroma of roses is known to be a great mood enhancer. It helps in reducing anxiety, panic and enhances emotional well being. This helps in keeping you relaxed and allows you to sleep better at night.

Buy Organic Rose water today. Your skin will forever thank you!

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