Best essential oils NZ

The quality and authenticity of the best essential oils NZ we use are the very heart and foundation of aromatherapy. 

It is a given that the vast majority of aromatherapy practitioners and home users are seeking genuine and authentic, plant derived, preferably organic or wild crafted, unadulterated essential oils.
This is how we personally would define ʻtherapeutic gradeʼ.

What do we mean by the terms genuine, authentic, plant derived and unadulterated anyway?
A genuine essential oil means it is completely unaltered, and an authentic essential oil means it is from a specified plant only.

Which brings us to plant derived: essential oils used in aromatherapy should all be extracted from a specified plant species, e.g. Lavandula angustifolia versus Lavandula x intermedia.
And this naturally leads into unadulterated: no additives, no extenders, no price reducing ingredients, except what was there after distillation or expression.

  1. The main concerns with adulterated essential oils include: potential interference of adulterants with components of the natural oil; this may affect synergy and the expected physiological and psycho-physiological activities of the oil and
  2. Toxicity implications of the adulterants. Hence adulterated essential oils can reduce the therapeutic benefits of treatment, increase the likelihood of adverse reactions and potentially introduce toxic constituents into the body.

Now that we know what we are looking for, how in the world do we find it?

Qualities to look for in the best essential oils nz:

    1. Important items to obtain on each essential oil you purchase include:
  1. Common name
  2. Latin name (exact genus and species)
  3. Country of origin
  4. Part of plant
  5. Type of Extraction (distillation or expression)
  6. How it was grown (organic, wild-crafted, traditional)

Now letʼs talk about using your sense of smell with actual essential oils.
To be able to understand and interpret the differences between qualities of essential oils one must spend time with and be exposed to different qualities. Remember too, that even within the category of high quality authentic and genuine essential oils there will be subtle differences and nuances in the essential oils.

We at AromaSense are exposed to high quality essential oils for a long time and we recognise the difference. That is why we only offer the best essential oils NZ based in Wellington: you can come and visit us and apply your senses on our oils.

Aromatherapy Consultation with Elena (Virtual)

Aromatherapy consultation

The consultation will assist in your journey to better health and well-being. You will discover how therapeutic essential oils can be incorporated into your life easily and naturally.

A personal essential oil blend will be posted to you, worldwide as part of this fascinating hour.

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