Facts on Cajeput essential oil uses

Cajeput essential oil belongs to the Melaleuca group which includes Eucalyptus and Clove. The whole group is known for the ability to combat and sometimes prevent infection.

The best knowCajeput essential oil usesn of all Cajeput essential oil uses is as inhalation for colds and other respiratory infections. Used in steam it effectively clears the nasal passages while inhibiting the bacteria that proliferate in the mucus formed during colds and which can lead to catarrh and sinusitis.

Other Cajeput essential oil uses are due to its pain killing properties which help to reduce the discomfort of sore throats and headaches that accompany colds.

CAUTION: Cajeput essential oil is a skin irritant. It is a powerful stimulant and it is not advisable to use it in inhalation before bedtime.

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