Cedarwood essential oil

Cedrus atlanticus

Cedar was used by all the ancient civilisations in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery (cedarwood essential oil), and by the Egyptians in embalming.

The wood itself is very aromatic, due to the high percentage of essential oil it contains, and was used for making storage chests, as the odour repels termites, ants, moths and other insects. It is still used as incense in Tibet as well as having important uses in traditional Tibetan medicine.

Cedarwood essential oil is yellowish, fairly viscous with a warm, woody fragrance.

Cedarwood oil is a powerful antiseptic, used particularly for bronchial infections. It may break down mucus which makes it useful in treating colds.

Cedarwood essential oil is used in skincare as a mild astringent, and its antiseptic properties make it valuable in treating acne. It is also useful as aftershave where both antiseptic and astringent properties are useful.

It certainly has a tonic and stimulant action on the whole body, while at the same time reducing stress and tension.

Cedarwood oil must not be used by pregnant women.

How to DIY:

Massage oil – 10 drops cedarwood oil to 100 ml of base oil (sweet almond or grapeseed oil)

Cream – 15 drops cedarwood essential oil to 100 gram base cream

Bath – 10/15 drops cedarwood essential oil to bath water

Steam vaporiser – 5/10 drops cedarwood oil

Essential oil burner – 5/10 drops in water

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