Practical Citronella essential oil uses

Citronella essential oil or Cymbopogon nardus is obtained from a scented grass that grows wild and cultivated in Sri Lanka. It is normally a yellowish brown, with a very powerful lemony scent.

Citronella essential oil uses are limited in Aromatherapy, though one therapeutic use which was suggested at the beginning of the 20th century is as a massage oil for rheumatism.

Citronella essential oil uses

It’s most widespread use is as insect repellent as well as in preparations of household disinfectants instead of more expensive essential oils.

One of the more dark Citronella essential oil uses is to adulterate more expensive essential oils like Lemon essential oil.

There is evidence that one of the other Citronella essential oil uses is to keep cats away from plant tubs. The citronella oil does need to be re-applied every few days though.

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