Clary Sage essential oil uses in Aromatherapy are in preference to Sage because, while it shares many of the properties of Sage, it does not present the risks of toxicity.

Clary Sage essential oil uses include the use of its powerful muscle relaxant which is especially useful where muscular tension arises from mental or emotional stress.

Clary Sage essential oil uses also useful in treating asthma, as it both relaxes spasms in the bronchial tubes, and helps the anxiety and emotional tension often found in asthma sufferers. It is also useful for migraine sufferers who also hold a lot of underlying tension.

Clary is a powerful tonic, and this makes it very helpful in convalescence, especially after flu, during depression and in the post-natal recovery period.

As it is warming and antispasmodic, it helps digestive problems, especially cramps. Either gentle massage over the stomach and abdomen, or hot compresses of Clary are very comforting.

Clary can help scanty or missing periods. It can sometimes induce very heavy bleedings. IT SHOULD NOT BE USED DURING PREGNANCY.

One of the useful actions of Clary sage essential oil is in preventing excessive sweating experienced by patients at night.

Clary sage oil can help to reduce excessive production of sebum, especially on scalp, and can be put in final rinsing water after shampooing, for people with greasy hair and dandruff.

Clary Sage essential oil uses in the stress related area that it is most valuable as one of the most powerful relaxants known in Aromatherapy. It can be used with care and sensitivity.

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