How do I use rosewood essential oil on my face

Rosewood, Aniba rosaeodora, or Bois de Rose oil is known for its cell stimulant quality, which means it assists in tissues regeneration. It works on cuts and wounds, helps dry, sensitive, and inflamed skin, and it seems to improve ageing skin by smoothing up lines. What a wonderful component for a skincare product!

Here is some information on rosewood essential oil

It is still distilled from the chipped wood or leaves. It has a fresh, sweet rosy, slightly woody scent.

Rosewood oil is reported to have antimicrobial properties.

As the main constituent of the rosewood oil is linalool, an aromatic compound, it is used in the fragrance industry. It will give a product its beautiful sweet and woody scent.

The oil also shows

  • Antidepressant
  • Cephalic (clears the mind)
  • Cytophylactic (encourages growth of skin cells)
  • Deodorant
  • Stimulant properties.

Rosewood oil is antiseptic and cytophylactic and is beneficial for treating acne, dermatitis, sensitive skin, aged skin, and damaged skin.

It is a safe oil to use on the skin and its antiseptic qualities make it excellent oil to use in a deodorant.


In massage diluted in a carrier oil:

1x drop in a teaspoon of a carrier oil of your liking

In bath diluted in a carrier:

3x drops in a tablespoon


3x drops in the water.

In skincare

In order to use the rosewood oil on your face you need to mix a few drops in a carrier of your choice first or you add a few drops to your product (1%).

Little goes a long way.

To be on the safe side, you may ask an aromatherapist to make a bespoke blend for you based on your skin condition.

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