Natural remedies for Anxiety

Have you ever witnessed an anxiety attack? Anxiety is an uncomfortable inner feeling of fear or imminent disaster. They say it is normal to experience anxiety in our lives as a reaction to stress or misfortune. Some people are constantly anxious to the extent that it is abnormal and interferes with their normal life. This problem affects 5-10% of the population. Anxiety symptoms are irritability, restlessness, easily fatigued, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension and sleep disturbance. Some natural remedies for anxiety can be found below.

There are physical changes happening in the body such as increased blood pressure, sweating, dizziness and feeling tense and tearful. Anxiety includes panic attacks, specific phobias and hyperventilation.

When you are put into an anxiety-provoking situation, an automatic chain of events begins, often known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. This response happens without us thinking about it because it is triggered by the part of our nervous system which job it is to control our automatic functions (e.g. breathing, heartbeat, etc). This part of our nervous system is called the ‘autonomic system’ and is divided into two components: the parasympathetic and the sympathetic systems. These work through opposing each other and only one can dominate at a time. When we are in any situation that causes us anxiety, our sympathetic system starts to dominate and the ‘fight or flight’ reaction begins.

When anyone experiences anxiety they need reassurance, love and concern expressed in the most direct, nonverbal way. The essential oils may become sympathetic friends. They may help recall happier times in life from their memories. The inhaled fragrance passes through the nostrils, over the sensing cells, and strikes a responsive chord in the centres of consciousness in the brain.

natural remedies for anxiety

Aromatherapy as a natural remedy for anxiety provides a valuable alternative. Essential oils show soothing, calming and relaxing properties. They are essences extracted from different parts of plants including; fruit, flowers, leaves, woods and roots. They contain chemicals that are grounding and balancing, stress reducing and reviving. Here are some oils that may help.

Extracted from fruits are citrus oils including bergamot, neroli, sweet orange, mandarin, lemon, lime, and grapefruit essential oils.

The wood essential oils are cedarwood, cypres, rosewood and sandalwood.

The root essential oils are vetiver and spikenard.

The leaf essential oils are geranium, palmarosa, patchouli and Siberian fir.

The floral oils are rose and jasmine absolutes, chamomiles, ylang ylang, and lavender.

The resinous essential oil is frankincense.

The herbal essential oils are basil, clary sage, and marjoram.

How to mix natural remedies for anxiety

Try to mix one oil of different parts of the plants or oils extracted from one and the same part such as fruit to enhance their reviving or balancing and grounding properties.

Choose 3-5 oils which aromas appeal to you and fill a small bottle. Carry the bottle with you to inhale the mixture any time.

Some tips for natural remedies for anxiety

Basil essential oil blends well with geranium and lavender essential oils for your natural remedy for anxiety relief oil.

Clary sage essential oil blends well with sweet orange, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, and sandalwood essential oils.

Citrus oils such as neroli, mandarin, orange, petitgrain blend well with spikenard.

For topical application mix 15-18 drops in total of 3-5 essential oils in 30ml of grape seed carrier oil. Apply one drop of the mixture to your temples.

Try massage your tummy to balance the nervous system and counter effect the pressure.

Here is an example of a natural remedy for anxiety a mixture for inhalation

Roman chamomile                  1 drop

lavender                                  1 drop

neroli                                       1 drop

sandalwood                             10 drops

Blend undiluted in a small bottle and carry with you. Inhale freely. Feel better.
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