Essences of aromatic plants have been prised for centuries for their protecting properties and aromas – nature’s gift to the human body and mind. 

Aromatherapy is the modern development of the ancient art of using essential oils to enhance well-being, ameliorate ailments, and to promote healthy outlook on life.

There are many reasons for its popularity. The main is a gentle and natural approach to healing and its soothing effects on the body.

What are the benefits of Aromatherapy?

It can be practised at home if done safely.

This can be as simple as a scented handkerchief, a splendidly invigorating bath, or diffusing pleasing aromas. It can promote better digestion, improve peripheral circulation, or offer relief for common cold.

Therapeutic powers of essential oils may be applied in a relaxing, restorative massage, combining sense of smell with the healing value of touch.

Aromatherapy generally helps maintain better health, stamina and well being.

The growing popularity of aromatherapy is in the natural approach to health as it treats the subject as a complete and unique being, rather than a collection of disconnected parts.

Aromas have a strong psychological influence on us.

A sense of smell was one of the most potent constituents of behaviour.

Humans like other animals produce substances called pheromones, which are used to identify, attract or to mark the territory.

We radiate the pheromones into the air around us and are detected by others.

Intriguing aromas contribute to memories, evoking not only imagery but also the emotions felt at that particular time.

One part of the brain (the limbic system) is responsible for memory and emotions.

This part plays a critical role in health too.

The limbic system can trigger depression and anxiety, signalling the brain to stimulate the release of adrenal steroid hormones, which activate stress symptoms.

Stress is acknowledged as a major factor in many modern lifestyle disabilities and illnesses.

A slow- down of the digestive system; lowered immune function; rising blood pressure; thickening of the blood; reduced insulin activity; and increased cholesterol are the symptoms of stress.

We can encourage a reversal of this cycle by applying or inhaling appropriate essential oils, influencing the limbic system into a state of well being and relaxation.

The end result can be a reinstatement of all those physical functions so necessary for good physical health and a balanced state of mind.

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