AromaSense is a modern aromatherapy company bringing the benefits of scent to a new generation. What is in the products can be found on the packaging. All the ingredients of AromaSense skin care are of therapeutic value due to the properties and therefore help the body and mind to calm, detox and invigorate and improve the skin condition in the end.

AromaSense skin careWith unique blends of 80% organic natural essential oils sourced from several countries around the world, AromaSense uses the science of scent therapy to create innovative blends for everyday problems. We take essential oils and use their botanicals to meet the needs of modern day life.

Our philosophy is using only unrefined ingredients to make a difference. Nature provides the powerful resources which work in harmony with our bodies making us beautiful.

By loving beautiful natural plant essences we offer an alternative AromaSense skin care with a healthy body in mind. Using only the highest quality ingredients, the blends are created in small batches and are bottled in Wellington, NZ in environmentally friendly packaging.

Aromatherapy Consultation with Elena (Virtual)

Aromatherapy consultation

The consultation will assist in your journey to better health and well-being. You will discover how therapeutic essential oils can be incorporated into your life easily and naturally.

A personal essential oil blend will be posted to you, worldwide as part of this fascinating hour.

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