Fabulous Cedarwood essential oil uses

The essential oil obtained from Cedrus Atlantica, the Atlas Cedar has been recognised since antiquity, where Cedarwood essential oil uses included medicine, cosmetics and perfumery.

Cedarwood oil is a powerful antiseptic and is used mostly for bronchial and urinary tract infections. It breaks down mucus which makes it doubly useful in treating catarrhal conditions.

Cedarwood essential oil uses are also known in skin care as a mild astringent, and its antiseptic properties make it valuable in treating acne. It is used in men toiletries, especially aftershaves where both the astringent and antiseptic properties are useful.

Further Cedarwood essential oil uses stretch as far as being an aphrodisiac, and it has a tonic and stimulant action on the whole body, while at the same time reducing stress and tension.


Cedarwood essential oil must not be used during pregnancy.

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