Most common Lemon essential oil uses

Lemon essential oil has a number of very important properties, of which one of the most important is its ability to stimulate the white corpuscles that defend the body against infection. This is of great value to Lemon essential oil uses, both in the treatment of external wounds and in infectious illnesses.
Lemon also has the property of reducing temperature.

Lemon is a powerful bactericide, which is yet another excellent reason for using it in treating cuts. Dr Valnet cites research which has shown that the essential oil will kill diphtheria bacilli in 20 minutes, and even when diluted to 0.2% it will make tuberculosis bacilli completely inactive. Lemon oil mixed into an air spray, or vaporised in a burner or diffuser gives some protection against the spread of infection at the same time as delicately scenting the home.
Another very important property of Lemon oil is its ability to counteract acidity in the body. (The citric acid is neutralised during digestion.) Lemon essential oil uses also include the general tonic to the digestive system, including the liver and the pancreas.

Lemon essential oil has a tonic effect on the circularly system, and is especially appropriate in treating varicose veins. It is helpful in cases of high blood-pressure too, and can be used in preventative regimes against arteriosclerosis.
Among minor Lemon essential oil uses are the number of applications in skincare – it is a mild bleach, and is useful in brightening dull and discoloured skin, especially on the neck, and it might have some effects on freckles, if applied every day over a period of time. It is astringent, and will therefore help greasy skin, and the same antiseptic properties which make it helpful for cuts are equally valuable in treating spots and boils.

Lemon essential oil uses caution

Lemon oil can cause skin irritation unless used in very low dilutions – 1% in massage oils, making the blend up to 3% with other oils. In the bath, not more than 3 drops should be used or even 2 drops for people with sensitive skin. Lemon oil is also part of the citrus family so is Phototoxic.

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