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Citrus limonum. Lemon essential oil is useful in the treatment of hypertension, varicose veins, digestive problems, circulation issues, warts and verrucas.

Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Citrus limonum

Lemon essential oil is extracted from the fruit from the lemon tree with the botanical name Citrus limonum.

The lemon tree was brought to Europe by Middle Age Crusaders. Euopean navies used it to relieve symptoms of malnutrition.

Lemon essential oil is also known as sunshine or rational oil because of its colour and the warm and cheerful fragrance it provides.

What does lemon essential oil smell like?

A sharp, fresh, citrus smell.

Which part of the plant provides the oil?

The fruit peel.

Where has lemon essential oil been sourced from?

This particular organic lemon oil originates from Italy.

How is lemon essential oil extracted?

As the oil extracts are enclosed deep inside the peel of the lemon, lemon essential oil is extracted by cold-pressing the fresh rind of the ripened fruit.

The fruit is cut lengthwise, the pulp is removed, and the rind is then soaked in water in order to make it soft and pliable.

What other oils blend well with lemon essential oil?

Lemon oil blends well with benzoin, chamomile, eucalyptus, frankincense, geranium lavender, neroli, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

How can I benefit from lemon essential oil?

We all know the wonderful aroma of the lemon, but the essential oil is just as powerful.

Lemon is useful in the treatment of hypertension, varicose veins, digestive problems, circulation issues, warts and verrucas.

Lemon oil also has great disinfectant properties, it helps to reduce bleeding and soothes insect bites.

It can increase concentration levels and awareness so is a great oil to have on hand if studying for exams.

The fragrance is such that it may cause a person to feel pleasant and helps to reduce negative emotions and anxiety.

It may be useful to use on skin conditions such as pimples, acne, warts, varicose veins, verrucas and cellulite.

Lemon is a wonderfully cooling, energizing and refreshing oil.

Are there precautions I should know about?

Lemon oil is a photosensitive oil so exposure to sunlight should be avoided when using it as your your skin may burn more easily when exposed to direct sunlight.

It can also be irritating to those who have sensitive skin.

100% Therapeutic organic Lemon essential oil.

Lemon cold pressed

Beta pinene 9.60%
Limonene 66.80%
Terpinene 9.80%
Linalool 0.17%
Linalyl acetate 20.50%
Geranial 1.70%
Beta bisabolene 0.3%
Decanal 0.04%

Citrus limonum

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