It seems everyone is dealing with stress in one form or another these days. Besides a busy career, many of us also face a fast-paced home and social life. It seems everywhere we go we are rushing here and there.

After a while the effects of this busy daily routine can begin to catch up on us and, if gone untreated, can manifest itself in physical ailments such as headaches, back aches, depression, anxiety, and digestion issues. It is important to take time to de-stress ourselves and find some time alone where we can calm our minds and escape the relentless pace of our busy days.

Help with Stress

Aromatherapy can be a great way to help you help you relax and unwind both your body and mind. Some time alone in a quiet room with a variety of calming scents can work wonders and help us to regain balance and wash away the tension.

There are many scents available today, but not all lend themselves well to stress relief. As a matter of fact, there are some scents which can create an opposite effect so you need to be sure to choose the right ones. Here are a few scents you can try which have long been known for their calming qualities.

Lavender – The soothing floral aromas of this plant have been used for centuries to help with stress as a sleep aid. Many individuals will keep a small sachet of lavender by their bedside to induce sleep and enhance the overall quality of sleep. You can purchase lavender in its natural dried form or as an essential oil.  You can fill a small sachet with the dried lavender and take it along in your purse or keep in a desk drawer at the office for those moments when you need a little escape. You can also place a few drops of lavender essential oil in warm bath water and soak after a long day. The steam will lift the scent and fill the room.

Rose – This classic scent has always been known to help with stress and relief tension. It was once used to calm hysteria and depression and has even been thought to help balance female hormones.

Rosemary – Believe it or not that pointy little herb used in cooking it is well-known to have a calming effect on the brain and so help with stress. Research has shown that rosemary actually quells restlessness and relieves tension. You can boil rosemary in water on the stove top and enjoy the scents throughout the kitchen while preparing dinner. You can also use rosemary essential oil in the bath or in a foot soak.

How to use Aromatherapy

It is easy to establish your own aromatherapy sessions right in your own home with the help of these wonderful calming scents to help with stress. Try having an aromatherapy bath or footsoak, or using your oils in an aromatherapy burner or vaporiser. Use them alone or combine them with other known calming scents to  help with stress and create your own private escape from the stresses of the everyday.

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