Benzoin is not, strictly speaking, an essential oil, as pure Benzoin is a resin, and has to be melted by heating over hot water before it can be used. One of the constituents of Benzoin is Vanillin, which gives it its characteristic aroma.

Like Frankincense Benzoin has been used for thousands of years as incense and like Frankincense Benzoin is both soothing and stimulating. It is also very warming and this makes it particularly helpful for colds, coughs and sore throat. Its best known virtue is its use in the form of Friar’s Balsam, as an inhalation for sore throats and loss of voice.

Because of its ability to stimulate at the same time as soothing, it seems to get things moving in the body like clearing mucus, stimulating the circulation or expelling gas or increasing the flow of urine. It is very comforting for gripping pains in the stomach.

Benzoin essential oil uses for cracked and chapped skin. Friar’s Balsam has long been used by ballet dancers to heal cracked toes. We use Benzoin in our foot cream because of its healing property.

Benzoin blends well with Rose oil for its soothing property in times of depression and anxiety.

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