Essential oils for men

Men have played an important part in aromatherapy when back in the early 1900’s French chemist, Rene Maurice Gattefosse known as the “father of aromatherapy” discovered the power of essential oils when he scolded himself and plunged his hands into a vat of lavender oil. He noticed his hand healed quickly with minimal scarring.

Rene went onto coin the phrase “aromatherapie“, to mean the therapeutic use of aromatic substances. Today, the word aromatherapy can be said to mean the scientific and artistic use of aromatic essences extracted from plants for use in promoting the health of the body, mind and spirit.

As for essential oils for men they tend to prefer less sweet and florally aromas and more woody and masculine scents, so here is a list of some of our favourite essential oils for men.

Black Pepper ~ A spicy and peppery aroma. Black pepper essential oil is useful to ease aching muscles, stiffness and cramps. It is noted to help provide relief from fatigue, chilblains, poor circulation and a sluggish digestion. When energy levels are lagging it assists to awaken the mind.

Cedarwood ~ A woody, rich and sweet aroma. Cedarwood essential oil helps clear the mind, and may reduce stress and anxiety. It is said to be useful for treating respiratory complaints such as bronchitis and coughs, plus rheumatism and arthritic pain.

Cypress ~ A fresh, woody and herbaceous scent. Cypress essential oil may be useful for treating respiratory complaints such as bronchitis and coughs. Its soothing properties help to release nervous tension and it has a calming effect on the mind and body.

Ginger ~ A warm, strong and spicy aroma. Ginger essential oil may be effective in treating nausea and travel sickness. It is helpful for treating colds and the flu plus muscular aches and pains, and poor circulation.

Patchouli ~ A smoky, earthy and woody aroma. Patchouli essential oil is known to have very good antiseptic qualities and helps to treat conditions such as acne, athlete’s foot, chapped skin, dermatitis, insect bites and eczema. It is good for skin care as it encourages cell growth particularly in mature and oily skin types.

Rosemary ~ A fresh and herbaceous aroma. Rosemary essential oil can have a strong effect on the nervous system. It may be useful in providing relief with rheumatic pain and tired muscles plus alleviates respiratory conditions.

Sandalwood ~ A soft, exotic and woody scent. Sandalwood essential oil is a relaxing and warming oil and tends to dispel feelings of anxiety, tension and confusion. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties helping to keep certain diseases at bay. It is also regarded as an aphrodisiac.

Spikenard ~ A strong earthy aroma. Spikenard essential oil is known to have very good antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties so useful in helping to heal a wide range of skin ailments including fungal infections.

Thyme ~ A strong, spicy, fresh and herbaceous scent. Thyme essential oil is a powerful antiseptic oil, best known as an immune stimulant. It fortifies the immune system to help fight off infectious diseases and an excellent oil for respiratory infections. It is also said to promote courage and lift the spirits.

Vetivert ~ A herbaceous, spicy and smoky fragrance. Vetiver essential oil is particularly effective in treating skin disorders. It is a deeply relaxing oil helping with stress, sleeplessness and anxiety, encouraging tranquillity.

Skin irritations, harsh weather, a minor scrape—the cause may not be known—but this blend may help bring relief and nourish a man’s skin with the use of essential oils for men.

Aromatherapy recipes

Essential oils for men Blend for Dry, Scaly Skin


8 drops cedarwood essential oil

6 drops chamomile roman essential oil

4 drops lavender essential oil

1 drop rose essential oil

1 drop patchouli essential oil

1 teaspoon grapeseed carrier oil

1 teaspoon jojoba carrier oil

1 teaspoon apricot carrier oil

Mix the essential oils for men together and blend with the carrier oils.

Apply to affected areas.

Aromatherapy Consultation with Elena (Virtual)

Aromatherapy consultation

The consultation will assist in your journey to better health and well-being. You will discover how therapeutic essential oils can be incorporated into your life easily and naturally.

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