German and Roman Chamomile essential oil uses

Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile are both soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory, so it is valuable in the conditions where there is inflammation present, internal or external. Tension and anxiety often accompany these conditions, and Chamomile has a profoundly calming effect on the emotional level.

The properties and Chamomile essential oil uses overlap with those of Lavender and it may be useful to remember, that as an analgesic, Chamomile is generally better for dull aches and pains, while Lavender may be better for a pain that is sharp and piercing.

Chamomile is also a disinfectant, especially for the urinary tract. So Chamomile essential oil uses include just a few drops of essential oil in a warm bath will help. Menstrual pain and menopausal problems can be relieved by the combination of compresses, massages, and baths. It is a gentle anti-depressant too and will help with the feelings of stress and irritability that many women suffer premenstrual.

Chamomile can be used in massage for muscular pain, and for inflamed joints in such conditions as arthritis.

Chamomile essential oil uses in skin care

Chamomile is very valuable for many skin problems, especially when the skin is very sensitive, red or dry. Its most important application is in treatment of allergies, such as eczema and all dry, flaky and itchy conditions. It is used directly on the skin in creams and baths. It is a valuable treatment as Chamomile is very calming, and since many allergic reactions arise when the person is under stress. Remember, that there may be ‘a healing crisis’ in which the skin appears to get worse before it shows any improvement. This is common to many forms of natural healing.

As a soothing and calming oil it is particularly helpful as a massage and bath oil. Chamomile is one of the gentlest oils, and is particularly suitable for treating children. Teething infants can be soothed by rubbing a little Chamomile, diluted to 1%, into the cheeks. Earache can be relieved by massaging around the ear, or applying hot compresses of Chamomile.

CAUTION with Chamomile essential oil uses:

Never put the oil in the eyes, even if diluted.

Talking about Chamomile essential oil uses to relieve insomnia Chamomile can be used in baths as an alternative to Lavender, or blended with it. It is advisable to alternate the oils when needed over a long period of time.

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