Black Pepper essential oil is a very warming oil and a fairly strong rubefacient, though strangely Black pepper essential oil uses are to bring down high temperatures, when used in very small amounts.

Black papper oil is particularly valuable in treating disorders of the digestive tract, for it is an antispasmodic, carminative, tonic and stimulant. Black pepper essential oil uses include to help a sluggish digestive system, without causing gripping pains, as the antispasmodic action will soothe the smooth muscle of the gut.

Oil of Black Pepper can be valuable in anaemia, as it is a stimulant of the spleen, which is involved in the production of new blood cells. This action is also of great use following heavy bleeding or severe bruising.

The main Black pepper essential oil uses are in massage blends for muscular pain, stiffness and fatigue. It is very important to keep the proportion of Black Pepper essential oil in a blend very low, as it is possible to produce local irritation by overdoing it. It is included in massage oils to be used by dancers and athletes before training or performance, as it seems to prevent pain and stiffness and possibly improves performance.

Combined with Rosemary for use before running, it has been used by marathon runners, who report improved times and far less muscular fatigue and pain. Their training schedule also included massage as soon as possible after running, with a variety of blends based mainly on Lavender and Marjoram.

Black Pepper essential oil can be used with discretion in massage to help rheumatic and arthritic pain. A little Black Pepper oil can give an intriguing ‘lift’ to many blends.

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