Cypress essential oil is very astringent, and Cypress essential oil uses stretch to wherever there is an excess of fluid, from incontinence and excessive perspiration to bleeding gums and over-heavy menstruation.

Cypress essential oil uses in skin care, for oily skins. It is used quite often in men’s toiletries for its antiseptic and astringent properties. It is used in aftershave and deodorants. Cypress oil is a tonic to the circulatory system. This makes it helpful in treating varicose veins. It can be applied locally but VERY gently with strokes in an upward direction. Apply blended in cream or with carrier.

Cypress is anti-spasmodic, acting especially on the bronchi. A drop or two inhaled from a tissue will help to relieve an asthma attack and the spasmodic coughing. As a preventative measure, a few drops of Cypress can be put on a saucer of water, or in an essential oil burner. This is especially valuable for asthmatic children.

A humble but very welcome Cypress essential oil uses is for excessive sweating of the feet. It is both deodorant and astringent. Use in foot baths as needed.

Cypress essential oil uses also include the use as an insect repelling oil. Cypress essential oil can be used for dogs to keep them free from fleas and odours.

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