The ordinary routine for mature skin

Carrier oils for mature skin

The skin starts ageing right after the body stops growing. In mature skin all processes slow down. Signs of ageing include loss of skin lustre, fine lines, skin thinning and discoloration. But not all people age uniformly.

The outer layer of the skin is called epidermis and is composed entirely of dead cells, and the health and appearance of the skin depends to a large degree on the layer of new cells constantly growing beneath it. The rate of renewal may slow with age. The production of sebum, a natural oil which lubricates the skin, slowly declines. Massage will help to restore the natural balance, especially if you include rich carrier oils, such as avocado, jojoba, apricot kernel or wheatgerm.

Avoiding harsh chemicals and reducing sun exposure could be the first thing to consider.

Secondly, diet and lifestyle play an important part in how the skin looks. Mature skin can look healthy and radiant if the body is in a good health. Yes, the skin reflects the all-round health of the body.

Thirdly, topical treatment supplies the skin with nutrients and seals the moisture, stimulates skin cells renewal and collagen production.

Carrier oils such as wheatgerm, avocado, rosehip and jojoba are ideal for mature skin. They are incorporated into the skin care products such as serums and creams together with skin revitalising essential oils.

The ordinary routine for mature skin starts with a general facial cleansing, followed by a facial massage with toner, and a moisturiser.

Carrier oils for mature skin are extremely vital as they are composed of lipids, are great source of essential fatty acids, the building block and protection. Carrier oils are revitalising, as they are a great source of vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E. Argan, camellia, calendula infused, and prickly pear carriers are among the most revitalising mature skin carriers.

We offer our own simple but effective ordinary routine for mature skin. It is composed of gentle and creamy facial cleanser, Damascan rose toner, day cream for mature skin and replenishing night cream.

Our facial wash enhances the skin’s natural pH balance with the help of avocado and jojoba oils, vitamin E and essential oils of geranium, frankincense and manuka. It boosts elasticity, fights bacteria and lifts skin discoloration besides of removing grime and makeup impeccably.

Our organic rose water soothes and tones the skin after washing and prepares it for the moisturiser. For the best effect, apply our day cream for mature skin right after the rose water to seal the moisture.

Organic anti-ageing Day cream features camellia, jojoba, safflower, rosehip and wheatgerm carriers with the essential oils of rose, ylang ylang, palmarosa, rose geranium and helichrysum to promote your skin’s daily radiance.

Luxurious night cream is enriched with camellia, coconut, jojoba, avocado, rosehip, wheatgerm and essential oils of carrot seed, frankincense, neroli, patchouli and sandalwood to replenish and rejuvenate the skin during the night.

Our skin care products are not just good for your skin, they may improve your well-being, when you take time and enjoy your skincare ritual.

Aromatherapy Consultation with Elena (Virtual)

Aromatherapy consultation

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