Where to buy essential oils?

Essential oils are getting more and more popular, as more and more people realise that there are other ways of staying well besides the conventional way.

With this popularity there are also more places that will try to sell you essential oils but you need to be careful that you don’t spend your money on low-quality oils with adulterations or contaminations.

Everyone likes nice aromas and use scented products on their skin and in their households. We experience pleasant sensations connecting us to our memories while inhaling definite scents. It is very relaxing to go to bed scented with lavender or patchouli. It is healing to take a bath at the end of the day infused with essential oils. It is lovely to feel like being taken care after by nature!

At AromaSense we engage with distillers and growers about their oils and make sure we get the best and highest possible quality and bring them here to New Zealand so that you can experience aromatherapy with the highest quality of oils; find out what oils can do to support your body and mind well-being.

Lena is a certified aromatherapist and always thrilled to help out.

We are right here in Wellington. You can order online and come and pick it up or we send it overnight to your place.

If you are not sure about what oil you need, give Lena a call on 0800-4AROMA (0800-4276662) or send an email to info@aromasense.co.nz