Why AromaSense

At AromaSense we live and breathe essential oils. We use them for our well-being, healthy environment, and resilient youthful looking skin.

We source our essential and carrier oils from small distilleries with sustainable practices. The oils we use in our products are pure, clean and hand crafted rather than produced in factories. Only pure and authentic oils contain the qualities we need to use in our products to be effective.

Therefore, you can find essential oils’ components on our website. Those components are vital in creation of the formulas for therapeutic products.

If you are looking for 100% pure essential oils of therapeutic grade, unrefined carrier oils and therapeutic blends formulated according to the rules of aromatherapy, AromaSense is the right place for you.

Finally, we offer bespoke blends for personal use as well as signature blend for businesses. Give us a call at 0800-4AROMA (0800-427662) or contacts us here