Major Fennel essential oil uses

Fennel belongs to the same family – umbelliferae – as Aniseed, Caraway and Coriander. Fennel essential oil is safe in use, but Aniseed is a fairly toxic oil.

Perhaps one of the most valuable Fennel essential oil uses in the 20th century is in counter balancing alcoholic poisoning, and it has played an important part in the treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics.

Fennel essential oil uses include treating gout, arthritis, etc., to prevent the build-up of toxic wastes in the body which precede the inflammatory condition in the joints.

Fennel is a good carminative and digestive remedy, and will quickly give relief from nausea, flatulence, indigestion, colic, and hiccoughs. For these problems it is better to use Fennel tea.

More Fennel essential oil uses

It is a useful oil for the treatment of cellulitis, when accumulations of toxic wastes and fluid in the subcutaneous fat produce an ‘orange peel skin’.

Feminine Fennel essential oil uses

Fennel essential oil has been known for its effects on the female reproductive system. It possesses a plant hormone – a form of oestrogen – in its structure. It can help regularise the menstrual cycle, particularly where periods are scanty and painful, with cramping pains. It may also reduce the water-retention before menstruation is due. (Oestrogen is needed by men and women to maintain muscle tone, elasticity of the skin and connective tissue, a healthy circulation and strong bones.)

Minor Fennel essential oil uses include that of a gargle or mouthwash for gum infections.

CAUTION with Fennel essential oil uses:

Do not use Fennel for young children (under 6) as one of its active principles (melanthine) can be toxic to them, although harmless to adults and other children in normal doses.

Fennel must not be use by people with epilepsy.

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