Great Juniper berry essential oil uses

Juniper berry has been known since antiquity as an antiseptic and diuretic, and these two properties are important ones in aromatherapy. But the most important action of Juniper berry essential oil uses will be detoxification. It is the most valuable when the body needs to throw off toxic wastes.

Juniper berry essential oil is a tonic, purifying, antiseptic and a stimulant concerning the urino-genital tract. It can be useful to have aromatic baths and massages at the same time. (Be sure to consult a doctor or medically qualified homeopath!)

Scanty or missing periods can be treated with Juniper in baths or in a massage oil used over the abdomen. It is as effective as Sage, with none of the side-effects associated with that oil.

It is a very good astringent, antiseptic and detoxifying, which makes the oil a good treatment for acne, especially for teenage boys as they happily accept the woody smell (some of the sweeter-smelling oils might be too feminine).

Juniper berry essential oil is another of the many aromatics which has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years to protect from infection. Juniper and Rosemary were burnt in French hospitals until recent times for this purpose.

Other Juniper berry essential oil uses

Juniper berry essential oil makes a very good household disinfectant – simply use a few drops in water for cleaning and washing – and can be used in sprays or in essential oil burners, particularly during epidemics. Juniper has been traditionally used in France as a tonic, especially in convalescence, and where a generally sluggish condition is due to poor elimination. Poor elimination is one of the root causes of rheumatism, gout and arthritis, and juniper should be considered as a means of improving elimination. It is a very helpful treatment for cellulitis, because here accumulated toxins are associated with fluid retention, so the detoxifying and diuretic actions of Juniper work hand in hand.

Juniper berry essential oil uses in skin care

Juniper berry oil can be a valuable oil in several skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis and possibly psoriasis. Juniper should be considered if any skin condition is very slow to heal, but you should bear in mind that, because it will stimulate the body into throwing off toxic residues, the skin may appear to get much worse before it begins to improve. This is a classic crisis – a phenomenon which is common to many forms of natural medicine.

The cleansing properties of Juniper berry work on the mental/emotional plane as well as the physical. Juniper berry essential oil is psychologically purifying oil, especially for individuals who are exposed to contact with emotionally draining people. A bath containing a little Juniper berry oil is probably the most effective treatment (blended with Grapefruit oil), but in a crisis putting one or two drops of Juniper on your hands and stroking them over your arms, or even just inhaling the oil, will help enormously. Juniper seems to clear ‘waste’ from the mind just as it does from the body.

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