Assert your right to sleep

Sleep problems are extremely common and can affect most of us occasionally. Some people can suffer from long-term chronic insomnia. Let’s see if we can help with insomnia.

Insomnia is defined as having difficulties falling and staying asleep.

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture, leaving the victim disoriented, drowsy, confused, and above all not happy.

Can aromatherapy help with insomnia?


Essential oils, such as lavender may slow the activity of the central nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation and boost mood in people suffering from insomnia.

Activities to help with insomnia

An aromatherapy soak in a bath before bedtime can be a part of winding down routine. Also inhaling oils will help you slow down and relax which may help you to drift off to sleep.

How it works: If you inhale essential oil, smell receptors in the nose send chemical messages to a part of the brain called the limbic system, which influences emotional responses, heart rate and blood pressure.

When some of you pop in to the shop and ask for something that may help with sleeping problems, I always say, that the best way is to treat the problem not just with one oil or blend but try different means; including a bath/hot shower, massage and inhalation.

The combination of these three means will enhance the oils working synergistically – with their calming, grounding and CNS deactivating properties.
Massage your way to sleep

A weekly massage with essential oils will make you sleep better and feel less depressed.

Try a relaxing massage by a professional masseuse, otherwise you can just rub some of the relaxing blends into your shoulders or the back of your neck yourself or do it with your partner. The feeling of touch is very relaxing in itself, imagine the effect when you add some of a relaxing blend!

Take time to be still and help with insomnia

Turn on the diffuser, inhale the oil that makes you feel relaxed and just sit still with your eyes closed.

Try to imagine a situation when you feel safe, warm and comfortable.

Your troubled thoughts will gradually disappear as well as the blockages in your body.

Try our Sweet Dreams synergistic blend which contains the essential oils of chamomile, orange, patchouli and ylang ylang or our Sensuality essential oil blend with grapefruit, patchouli and jasmine absolute.

Aromatherapy Consultation with Elena (Virtual)

Aromatherapy consultation

The consultation will assist in your journey to better health and well-being. You will discover how therapeutic essential oils can be incorporated into your life easily and naturally.

A personal essential oil blend will be posted to you, worldwide as part of this fascinating hour.

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