Learn how to use an essential oil diffuser like a professional

In order to know how to use an essential oil diffuser like a professional, you should know what essential oils and a diffuser are.

Essential oils are the compounds that are extracted from plants and captured the plant’s flavor or scent.  Once the oils have bBest Essential Oils for Diffusereen separated, they are mixed with carrier oils such as coconut or jojoba oil.

The reason these are used is to help dilute the essential oils so they do not cause skin irritation if you apply them directly to your skin.  This is something you do not have to worry about when using an essential oil diffuser so don’t use diluted essential oils in a ultrasonic (electric) diffuser just 100% pure essential oils!

The essential oil diffuser is a device that breaks the oils into tinier molecules.  Once this is done, it will diffuse them into the air for a calming or pleasant effect.  The effect it will have is according to the essential oil that you use.

The purpose of the diffuser is to disperse the particles evenly in a comfortable concentration.  You want to be able to breathe easily and not have the essence to overbear the room.  The essential oil diffuser that is most utilized is the ultrasonic diffuser and the only type we have still available.

To use an essential oil diffuser correctly and like a professional, the first step is to choose the correct location.  Make sure that where you are placing your diffuser is level and near an outlet because it will need to be plugged in.  A diffuser uses water so if you do not want to have possible water stains on the area where it is sitting, put it on a placemat or flat towel.  The area should also be open so it circulates around the room.  Make sure that wherever you put it, it is not near a fan or in direct sunlight.

Before you can turn it on, you need to add water to the diffuser water tank.  Do not overfill it.  You should only add water to the fill line.  The water should be at room temperature and can be filtered or just from the tap.  Depending on the type of diffuser you are using, there will be a measuring cup that you use to fill the water tank or a water line inside the tank.  You want to make sure that you never overfill it because it can cause it not to run correctly.

Once you have the correct amount of water, it is time to add your choice of essential oils, a combination blend, or a single oil.  On average, it will take six drops, but you can use from three to ten drops.  The more drops you use, the stronger the scent will be.  To find the right amount you will need to experiment until you find what works for you.

The next step is to put the top back on and turn it on.  Some diffusers have different options such as LED lights that change color or use it as a nightlight.  They may even have an option to set the length of time you want it to stay on.  After being used, you should clean it by unplugging it, and dump out any water before you clean the inside with warm water and a small brush.  Once clean, it needs to be rinsed and dried.  Before you use it again, use a cotton swab that you have dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the ultrasonic chip.  This can usually be found in water reservoirs.

An essential oil diffuser not only puts scents in the air but can also help to calm your mind and body.

If you have any other tips and tricks as to how to use an essential oil diffuser like a professional please leave those in the comment section below, thanks !

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