Learn how much night cream to use

Before we talk about how much night cream should you apply, we would like to define why cream, skin condition and cream ingredients play an important role.


Creams, especially night creams, made from pure, natural plant components offer a barrier between the skin and the outer environment which protects and promotes healing. Creams characteristically stay on the surface of the skin longer than other products. This may be helpful when you are dealing with a kind of skin condition that asks for a special treatment. The heavier cream, such as night cream, can provide a replenishing treatment for the skin during the night rest.


Commercial cosmetic preparations often include mineral substances. Not all the minerals are harmless. It is important to be sure that the night cream is made from pure plant substances and that no harmful chemicals have been added. Be certain that you buy only brands which are known to be trustworthy and list ALL their ingredients.

We at AromaSense believe that the maximum benefit can be derived from fruits and other plant products in their fresh state – the nearer to the plant, the more beneficial.

Botanical ingredients are very potent and therefore a small amount of the cream can and should be used.

As our face is constantly exposed to the environment, aromatherapy treatments in the form of creams can be applied with much benefit to the skin.

Essential oils can contribute enormously to the health and appearance of the skin.

Skin condition

How much night cream should I use for an oily skin

How much of the night cream to apply depends on the individual skin condition. For example, if you have an oily skin or acne, then you need to apply very little of the night cream. The skin needs to breathe.

How much night cream should I apply for dry skin

The skin is dry when it shows insufficient activity of sebaceous glands. Dry skin can also be dehydrated. It lacks the ability to retain moisture as oil in the skin acts as a barrier against moisture loss.

Dry skin tends to be thin and overly delicate. Its condition is badly influenced by the sun, wind, and heat. Insufficient skin care during the day and night further worsens the problem.

Dry skin will benefit from a thicker layer of the night cream.

Why cream is more beneficial for dry skin condition? Cream stays on the surface of the skin longer than gel or lotion, creates a protective film and seals the moisture inside. The heavier cream can provide a barrier between the skin and the environment to protect and promote healing.

How to apply the cream

A typical facial treatment for a generally healthy skin will usually consist of a thorough cleansing of the face with a gentle plant-based face wash, followed by a careful massage of the face with a small amount of the cream so that the appropriate components will have the opportunity of penetrating the dead, outer layer of the skin and working on the living layers beneath.

Massage the night cream gently in circular movements.

We advise in general to warm up a pea size amount of the cream between your palms and apply to your face and neck.

After you applied a pea size of the cream wait a minute or two and if the cream completely disappeared into the skin and it still looks thirsty you may add another pea size.

Aromasense replenishing night cream is formulated to improve the skin condition. It is skin nourishing due to the properties of its rich botanical ingredients. Therefore, it is very potent. We carefully chose the ingredients to deliver the soothing and nourishing ingredients into the skin layers so that the skin will feel protected and smooth.

Altogether the formula is rich and gentle, lightweight but nourishing. The skin feels restored and soothed. This is how we want your skin feels.

Creams with aromatherapy oils are healing. Whether skin condition is a result of internal disharmonies or external influences aromatherapy oils can treat both due to alterative, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, cicatrisant (cell renewal), and vulnerary (wounds healing) activities of the oils.

Cream easily stays on the surface of the skin for many hours, creates a protective film and seals the moisture inside. Cream provides a barrier between the skin and the environment to protect and promote healing.

Our night cream possesses replenishing and reviving properties. It has a richer consistency and a formula working on the skin healing and renewal.

Massage with a pea size amount of the night cream promotes the formation of skin cells, improves blood circulation, helps relieve symptoms of stress.

If you have more questions on how much night cream to use please leave your question in the comment box below and we’ll try to help you out

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