How to make essential oil blends your way

Essential oils are very potent and beneficial for our well-being.  When blended essential oils with the same properties could be even more helpful and powerful. We tend to choose the oils by their aroma which is very personal thing. Everyone has their preferences in aromas.

The blends can be created for various purposes.  They can do magic in our everyday lives. If you are looking for an uplifting effect, the essential oils of cardamom, frankincense, rose and rosemary might be a beautiful option.

You can begin with putting one drop of each essential oil in the water and start the diffuser. Next time you may put more drops of the oil you like to prevail in the blend. So the variations are endless. Just remember that some oils are overpowering and others are light in aroma. There should be some balance in top, middle and base notes. Top note you smell right away, then comes middle note and base note lingers longer. Play and smell! Another thing to remember is that 5-6 drops can be enough for the best effect.

Here is what you can start with

cardamom essential oil                  1 drop

frankincense essential oil             2 drops

rose absolute                                    1 drop

rosemary essential oil                    2 drops

Have fun!

Please share your way of making essential oil blends, put it in the comment box below and we can all give your way a try

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