How to use palmarosa essential oil

Palmarosa essential oil, Cymbopogon martini, also known as Indian Geranium oil, and Gingergrass is obtained from perennial grass with numerous stiff stems. Palmarosa oil is still distilled from wild growing fresh or dried grass. It has a pleasant rosy sweet scent with fresh herbal undertone.

Bruised leaves of palmarosa were used historically to perfume bath in India to provide pain relief of neuralgia, sciatica, and rheumatic pain. The oil became known to Europe through trade between India, Persia, and Constantinople. They called it Turkish or Indian Geranium oil.

The oil is extensively used in perfumery, and for scenting soaps. In India the oil is massaged into the limbs to alleviate rheumatism.

Palmarosa oil shows the following therapeutic actions:

  • Antiseptic
  • Bactericide
  • Cytophylactic (encourages growth of skin cells)
  • Febrifuge (cools and relieves fever)
  • Hydrating
  • Tonic

Clinical studies show that palmarosa oil exhibits excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Palmarosa oil has a calming yet uplifting effect on emotions and may help to alleviate stress and depression.

Due to its positive effect on feelings and tonic activity for the digestive system, it might benefit anorexia nervosa patients.

Palmarosa is an excellent oil for skincare. It is antiseptic, shows hydrating properties (restores water barrier), assists in balancing sebum production and stimulating cellular regeneration. It can be used for all skin conditions, especially acne, dermatitis, also helpful for dry, undernourished skin.

It may be blended beautifully with citrus, floral, and woody oils.


How to use palmarosa essential oil in a massage: dilute in your favourite carrier oil (up to 5 drops in a teaspoon) and massage

How to use palmarosa essential oil in a bath: dilute in your favourite carrier oil (up to 10 drops in a tablespoon) and add to your bath.

How to use palmarosa essential oil in skincare: blend a drop or 2 of palmarosa essential oil in your skincare product and get all the benefits it brings.

Direct inhalation

How to use palmarosa essential oil in a diffuser: add a few drops to the water

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