Internal use essential oils

What we think of internal use essential oils.

To be honest we do not recommend any essential oils are taken internally.
Essential oils that enter your blood stream through the skin are way more effective than via your internal digestion which can even destroy the therapeutic constituent(s) of essential oils.


So as you can read we and internal use essential oils are just a no go.


A lot of people do ask us if it is safe to take essential oils internally diluted with water but fact is essential oils are not soluble in water, you can dilute essential oils in a carrier oil (base oil) and once you have it diluted you can use it.

Essential oils are very concentrated oils and are very potent so should be used with care.


Conclusion as far as us concerned: do not use essential oils internally despite what the big companies might say (they are only interested in sales) we only care about your health and that is best served by essential oils getting into your blood stream through the skin or airways.



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