Discover powerful Bergamot essential oil uses

There are two main areas for Bergamot essential oil uses and uniquely valuable these areas are anxiety and skin care. Bergamot essential oil is also known as a powerful disinfectant of the urinary system.

There is nothing better than Bergamot oil to relieve the tension and depression. In helping with mental and psychological states, Bergamot is often described as uplifting. It is not a stimulant though, but relatively relaxing. For all tense, anxious or depressed people the oil should be used in a massage oil and in a bath.

The fragrance is equally accepted by men and women and it blends with almost any flower oil. Lavender/Bergamot and/or Geranium/Bergamot are some of the pleasing combinations.

Bergamot essential oil uses to regulate the appetite by working with the underlying tensions that have provoked the under- or over-eating. But the whole process involves great sensitivity and time.

The antiseptic property of the oil together with its delicious fragrance makes it the great choice for treating acne, oily skin and all infected skin conditions. It can be used in facial oil for massage or in facial cream.

Other Bergamot essential oil uses

Bergamot is cooling in feverish conditions. It is an excellent deodorant both for personal use and for rooms and buildings. It is also an effective insect repellent but it needs to be reapplied frequently. It may be more effective in a blend with Lavender or other oils.

Bergamot oil either alone or blended with Eucalyptus can be dabbed on the site of sores, either neat or diluted at the first sign of an eruption.

CAUTION: Bergamot essential oil is a photo-sensitiser. It increases the skin reaction to the sun light and makes it more likely to burn. If using it in massage and bath oils, it should be diluted at 2%.

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