Use essential oils for colds and flu

If you’ve caught a cold or the flu, there’s never been a better time to begin exploring the powerful therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. And after you’ve experienced the healing qualities offered by essential oils for colds and flu, we’ll leave you with some suggestions for building up your immune system to protect you through future cold and flu seasons. If you’re ready for some relief, then please read on!

Essential oils for colds and flu symptoms

You’re feeling miserable, so let’s get right to the relief part. Here are some aromatherapy suggestions for instant relief of common cold and flu symptoms:


Congestion is commonly caused by excess mucus, but can also be the result of swelling in the sinuses.  Relieve congestion using:

A warm water gargle infused with a couple of drops of eucalyptus, pine or lemon essential oil.  Be careful not to swallow.

These essential oils can also be added to a hot water compress, as well as a warm bath for congestion relief.


A deep chest cough is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms associated with the common cold or respiratory flu.  For deep cough relief:

Mix pine, cajeput or lavender oil with a body oil of your choice and use as a rub.

Apply twice daily (or more) to your throat, chest and back.

Natural remedies for colds are typically most effective when inhaled.

Essential oils for cold and flu prevention

There is no cure for the common cold, so prevention is the key to staying healthy. Here are some aromatherapy basics to keeping your immune system strong through the cold and flu season.

Oregano essential oil – massage a drop or two into the bottom of your feet.

Cinnamon essential oil – we love the aroma of cinnamon for a reason – it’s a great immunity booster!

Eucalyptus essential oil – keep a bottle handy to inhale whenever you find yourself surrounded by people exhibiting cold and flu symptoms.

You can also use thieves essential oil blend to fight the cold and/or use breathe easy essential oil blend.

Stay healthy with these essential oils for colds and flu.

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