One of the most significant Mandarin essential oil uses is treating digestive problems, as it has a tonic and stimulant effect on both the stomach and liver. Its effect on the intestines is calming (in common with both Neroli and Orange) and it has been found to be even more effective when used in a synergistic combination with other citrus oils.

Because of its gentle action, Mandarin is often regarded in France as ‘the children’s remedy’ and is often chosen to help with the tummy upsets of childhood, including ‘burps’ and hiccoughs. A 2% dilution in almond oil can be gently massaged into the tummy, always in a clockwise direction. It would be a wise choice of oil for anybody who is a little fragile, particularly the elderly.

More Mandarin essential oil uses

Mandarin essential oil organic is one of the oils which is safe to use during pregnancy, as it will not harm either the mother or the developing child. It is an excellent component of massage oils for the prevention of stretch-marks: 1 drop each of Lavender, Mandarin and Neroli to 10 ml of almond oil and 2 ml of wheatgerm oil is a good blend. It must be used daily, preferably twice daily, from about the fifth month of pregnancy to be really effective.

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