Rose hydrosol uses

Rose water is a valuable therapeutic material and can be used alongside of essential oil or in place of it, especially in skin applications. It can be applied to the skin direct. Rose water benefits particularly show where a water soluble treatment medium is needed.

Rose water benefits are because of its gentleness, it is well suited to use for children, the elderly people as it contains only a tiny proportion of the essential oil.

Rosewater is soothing, antiseptic and tonic to the skin, a pleasing light perfume, and is also an effective antiseptic for eye infections just to name a few Rose water benefits.

It is a mild astringent. It is often incorporated with natural oils to make creams and can be used alone as a gentle skin toner. Rosewater can be safely used on the most sensitive skins, and is the only toner recommended for dry skins.

Rose water benefits pre-cautions

In treating the eyes, it is important to remember that essential oils should never be used near them, and Rose is mentioned, Rose water should be chosen rather than oil of Rose. Pure rose water on pads of cotton wool can be placed over the eyes to rest and refresh them, and rose water is very good treatment for conjunctivitis.

And last but not least the Rose water benefits is it can be used as a perfume.

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