The outstanding property of Marjoram essential oil is its warming action, both on the mind and the body. Marjoram essential oil uses are best known for treating asthma, bronchitis and colds. Used in steam inhalation it will clear the chest and ease respiratory difficulties very quickly.

A hot bath containing 6 drops of Marjoram will often prevent some of the secondary miseries arising from the common cold. It can be massaged into the throat and chest to soothe tickly coughs, for it is warming, analgesic and sedative. The sedative properties of Marjoram must NOT be abused, for it can dull the senses and cause drowsiness, and in large amounts is stupefying.

Marjoram essential oil uses are well known to treat insomnia, especially when used, together with Lavender, in a warm bath before bedtime. Marjoram’s warm, nutty perfume is rather more masculine than many of the oils that can help with sleeplessness, and this makes it more acceptable to men who are unable to sleep, than some of the sweeter oils.

Marjoram oil is used in treating high blood-pressure and heart conditions, as it dilates the arteries, thereby reducing strain on the heart. The same action on the tiny capillaries just beneath the skin produces a feeling of local warmth when Marjoram is used in a massage oil, and this is one of the reasons why it is so valuable in massaging tired, tight and painful muscles, especially after heavy physical exertion.

The increase in the local circulation helps to carry away the toxic wastes left in the muscles after heavy exercise, and this in turn reduces the pain and stiffness. Marjoram is used in massage blends to reduce the pain of rheumatism and arthritis. Here again, the warming effect is very valuable and it will often permit a joint that is normally too stiff and painful to be moved to regain some mobility.

A hot compress of Marjoram over the abdomen will ease menstrual cramp quite effectively. Marjoram is used for its warming effect on the mental and emotional level, too, and can be very comforting for people who are lonely or suffering grief. It should NOT be abused, though, as over use can have a deadening effect on the emotions.

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