The stimulant effect of Rosemary on the central nervous system is very marked, and for this reason Rosemary essential oil uses are where there is a loss or reduction of functions, such as loss of smell; where the sensory nerves have been affected; for some kinds of speech impairment; and for temporary paralysis, where the motor nerves are affected. Of course, if the nerve cells are permanently damaged, as in injuries to the spinal cord, paralysis is irreversible.

Rosemary essential oil uses also stretch to be an excellent brain stimulant. Rosemary has long had the reputation of improving memory. Inhaling a few drops of this oil certainly produces a feeling of great mental clarity, which undoubtedly aids all thought processes. Rosemary is valuable for respiratory problems, ranging from the common cold, catarrh and sinusitis, through to asthma. For these it is best used as a steam inhalation – its ability to ‘clear the head’ works on the physical as well as mental plane.

Rosemary essential oil is an excellent tonic for the heart, liver and gallbladder, and helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, though Rosemary alone would do little good unless diet and lifestyle were taken into account as well.

It is a good analgesic, without having the sedative effects of many of the other painkilling oils, and it is used in massage, baths and compresses to relieve pain in rheumatism and arthritis.  It is also a good oil to use for tired, stiff and overworked muscles.

Rosemary oil has traditionally been used in skin and hair care. It is used in rinsing water for dark hair, and as a scalp friction, which is valuable for excessive hair loss or poor condition, especially when these follow a period of illness or convalescence.

Rosemary essential oil uses CAUTION:

Do not use Rosemary essential oil during pregnancy nor for people with epilepsy.

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