You can ask: how essential oils can help sharpen one’s mental focus?

Essential oils show activities such as encouraging circulation, clearing the head, and filling us with energy. By doing that they can help us concentrate.

Some oils have the history of having been used for clarity and concentration, such as Rosemary and Clary Sage.

Salvatore Battaglia speaks about Rosemary as known to have a stimulating effect on the mind and as a useful aid to the memory. Therefore, it became known as a symbol of remembrance.

Old age medical books recommended Rosemary for the treating of diseases of the head and brain, such as giddiness, drowsiness, or dullness. The oil was used in liniments as a fragrant stimulant due to its rubefacient property (warming and increasing blood flow). In the ancient Greece students wore Rosemary as a crown.

Clary Sage used to be called “Clear Eye”. The English name Clary is derived from the Latin meaning clear. It calms the mind and restores clarity.

These oils as well as some others can help us focus and get things done. They are grounding, connecting us with the moment and help us be productive.

Then we have Frankincense. It is used to alleviate nervous tension and stress-related conditions, help clearing mind from the clatter. It calms inflammation while making us feel peaceful.

Patchouli was used in Chinese medicine to treat headaches. Today the oil is praised for its benefit of alleviating stress related conditions. Patchouli’s earthy scent is grounding and centring. It may help us when overthinking and worry too much.

All the mentioned oils have quite a presence scent wise, so we suggest you try them in the diffuser to help you get centred and ready to work through your daily tasks.

In case you prefer to use the oils in massage, here is a simple recipe:

In a tablespoon of Jojoba oil mix a drop of each essential oil, Frankincense, Rosemary and Patchouli, inhale and massage your shoulders, neck, and upper back. It may also help if you have a headache. It will relieve tension in your muscles.

We would like to add one more essential oil to the list. It’s Cardamom, one of the oldest known. It is reputed to be a general tonic of the body. In case you feel nervous exhaustion, you may try the following recipe and endure.

Add 2drops Rosemary, 2drops Cardamom, 2drops Frankincense to your diffuser to support your concentration and help you feel more productive.

Rosemary and Cardamom can help you breathe deeply and getting your mental energy going, you may feel sharper.

Frankincense adds its calm presence, so in addition to feeling sharper and more present, you can relax and concentrate on your task.

Essential oils offer their valuable support when we intend to be present, productive, and calm with what we do.

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