Organic Argan oil

We offer all natural, vegan, cruelty free, and processed in nature-friendly way 100% pure and certified organic Argan oil.

As they say in its native country Morocco the oil has been used for centuries and for multiple purposes just ‘out of the box’, pure, to ensure the maximum potential benefit.

It is a fair-trade product, and it is environmentally sustainable, it is harvested and produced entirely by the native women working in the cooperatives applying centuries old techniques.

By buying this high-quality organic oil we support local female cooperatives and enhance the standard of living of the communities and local producers. We call it our organic argan body oil.

The Argan tree, Argania Spinosa, originates from southwestern Morocco. Its traditional uses range from forestry and food to medicine and cosmetics.

Organic Argan oil

The species is the one of the surviving relics of the Tertiary Period (65 to 1.5 million years ago). It survives in extremely harsh conditions: drought, heat and poor chalky soil.

Argan forests are now covering the area close to the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara. It is a UNESCO protected forest.

Organic Argan oil is produced by local women; the first rural women-run cooperative has been established around 1998 in Timanar.

Since that time it became the capital of the organic Argan oil production.

Thanks to working in the cooperatives women now can afford health –care for their families and provide basic education to their children.

The cooperatives support financially and change the lives of around 3 million people.

The Argan oil is produced from the seeds extracted from the Argan nuts.

After being hand collected the Argan fruits are dried to help remove the fleshy pulp, which is used as a nutritive animal food.

To gain 1l of ‘gold’ oil it takes 2kg of the Argan kernels produced from the 25-30kg of Argan fruits.

The process of grinding the 2kg of Argan kernels takes between 2.5-3 hours. This impacts the price of the pure Argan oil.

The world outside Morocco just started to understand the effectiveness of Argan oil in improving health, beauty and lives. Argan oil alone can replace many conventional cosmetic products. Here is why.

Argan oil benefits the vital functions of many body organs.

The local women use the precious oil as the main ingredient in traditional beauty regiments to nourish and protect their hair, skin and nails against dehydration.

They use Argan oil to massage babies and to protect against insects. It is widely used in healthcare and cosmetics.

Argan oil is being labelled as ‘Liquid Gold’, ‘the magic anti-ageing elixir’, ‘the miracle ingredient’.

According to the chemical analysis, the oil is rich in phytosterols (encourage collagen production), unsaturated fatty acids, and its rare form of the vitamin E (anti-ageing benefits). It is easily absorbed by the skin to deliver deep nourishment.

Pure organic Argan oil is extremely beneficial for the skin and can be used for cleansing and nourishing the skin as well as in hair treatments.

Use it sparingly, a few drops of this precious oil is enough for applying to the face or scalp.

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