Pamper your home with essential oils

Home sweet home. What makes you want to go back home every time you leave, whether it be for a short or longer time? It is the ambience and comfort you create in your living space that attracts you and makes you long for your own home. You can fill an empty space with a vibrant or subtle scent and feel perfectly at home.

“Smell is the sense of imagination.” Rousseau

You can collect aromas just like objects you acquire during your life time, which remind you of pleasant happenings. Those particular unforgettable fragrances. The scent of a herb awakes the memories of your grandmother’s cooking. The aroma of a field of flowers you used to visit reminds you of times when the world was a magic place. The smell of firs or pines evokes snuggly Christmas memories.

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Conjure up the ambience you desire in your home with essential oils. Inhale and revel in aromas of your favourite essential oils. Foster new memories every day.

There are energising, calming, reviving, grounding, uplifting and comforting essential oils. The chemical components in every oil can aid opposing qualities or characteristics (see below). That is why it is possible just to diffuse one essential oil as it is can be used for different purposes.

Let’s take one essential oil as an example.

Eucalyptus globulus essential oil awakens the following characteristics:

it gives energetic support when mental fatigue is a problem;

it supports the immune system;

it relieves muscular pain;

it clears the head;

it relieves respiratory problems;

it may calm down;

it may clear acne.

It has powerful clear, sharp and piercing aroma.

Here are four essential oils categories according to their properties. As you will see, some oils will be present in 2 or even 3 categories.

respiratory reliefdisinfectantenergisingstress free
juniper berrieslavenderspearmintgeranium
pepperminttea treelimelemon
pinebergamot mandarin
spearmintcinnamon neroli
Siberian firrosemary sweet orange
tea treethyme petitgrain
   ylang ylang

If you are a newcomer to the aromatherapy world, try single essential oils and appreciate their properties, aroma and how they make you feel.

Every day, take the time to smell different groups of oils to develop your sense of smell and to be able to define the different notes. Inhalation of essential oils via a diffuser will help you feel calm and contribute to a quiet mind.

Your next step might be to use a synergistic blend, this is when different essential oils are blended together to enhance the outcome and to compose a completely new fragrance. Sometimes one fragrance that you do not quite like becomes more pleasant in combination with other essential oils.

Before you start mixing your own blends try some that are composed professionally by an aromatherapist as these will be specifically created in the right amounts to portray the desired effects, look at the description, and choose here.

Oils are a life style.

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